The Comb in the Urinal 
                and Other Perplexities of Life

Chapter 1
        The Comb in the Urinal
Chapter 2
        The Boot on the Interstate
Chapter 3
        The Parka on the Subway Bench
Chapter 4
        The Helmet on the Beach
Chapter 5
        The Mittens in the Tree
Chapter 6
        The Mattress on the Side of the Road
Chapter 7
        The Possum with Toenail Polish
Chapter 8
        The Pothole
Chapter 9
        The Camera on the Piling
Chapter 10 
        The Panties on the Fire Escape
Chapter 11 
Chapter 12
        The Rusted Jalopy
Chapter 13
        The Lost Luggage
Chapter 14
        The Lawn Spreader
Chapter 15
        The Rolling Head
Chapter 16
       The Shoes on a Wire