The Comb in the Urinal
      and Other Perplexities of Life
              Thomas J.  Neviaser

                         Haven't Found that Special Gift Book 
                                for that Reader in Your Life??
                                                THIS IS IT!!

            This short story anthology has Easy To Read short stories, each tale
         having an Unusal Twist in the Plot making reading fun and memorable; 
                       in fact, several of the stories are actually true life events. 

      Will YOU be able to figure out  which tales are actually true??                 If all of them are found, your money will be refunded!!

      If not, you will always look at the world in a different way.

"A good book for recreational readingI would also strongly suggest this book for college and high school creative writing classes.
John Hoh, Senior Editor, 

"Neviaser's rich imagination kicks into high gear in this entertaining gaggle of shorts"

"The Comb in the Urinal and Other Perplexities of Life"16 memorable and often inspirational short stories establishing the scenarios behind the daily sightings of inanimate objects in strange places that this author has come upon in his travels and what human circumstances might have occurred to leave them there.

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